Great fishing now from Boca grande to Venice Florida!

Boca Grande fishing is cooking, Venice is not far behind!
April 16, 2013
Great fishing from Venice to Boca Grande right now!
May 16, 2013
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Great fishing now from Boca grande to Venice Florida!

Captain Van’s fishing forecast for 4-21-13

 We are enjoying great, fun fishing around Boca Grande to Venice.

          The Gulf has been rocking and rolling much more than usual recently; I do hope it settles soon so we can play more outside. I’m ready for king mackerel, sharks, and tarpon. Meanwhile we are catching fish inside the protected waters of Charlotte Harbor and Lemon Bay. Snook, trout, redfish and jacks are bending rods and keeping customers smiling!

Snook have decided it’s warmed up and they are active now. We’ve caught some dandies recently. Check out the <Captain Van Hubbard> Facebook site. Everybody has enjoyed some hot action. Tim Moore, Russell Sheaffer, and others had great action on recent trips.

          Redfish are even showing up and adding some color to many recent trips. I wish they were more predictable but it’s still nice when they show up. It should get even better on this moon.

          Trout are red hot and plenty of big ones. Most fish are slot and many too big. We released several fish over twenty-five inches last week. It’s fine to keep a mess of fresh fish to eat; just release most of the big ones as they are full of roe.

          We had some awesome jacks that really tested our metal and gear. Some jacks are almost twenty pounds; very strong fish. The new Cabo 40s and Cortland Master Braid lines are helping subdue the big ones. We even have had to pull anchor and follow several big fish in the last two weeks. It has been windy but still productive.

          Baitfish are not easy and can be challenging especially on the windy days. We have minnows around it’s just this crazy weather keeps everything jumping around and we have not consistency. Every day is a new experience and adventure, but that’s part of the beauty of fishing it changes daily.

          Tarpon and snook are down around Boca Grande and south. The Gulf is active just too rough much of the time. It seems that as soon as it settles and clears another front stirs it back up! We already enjoy great fishing but it will actually improve as winds allow us outside more to get at the other fish. Venice Beach is due to light up with mackerel and kings whenever it calms down.    

          I’m sorry I don’t have more time to play here but the fish are biting, my Evinrude/Dorado is waiting and I’ve got to get ready. Thank you for you support.  Save the Tarpon is working; follow both of us on our Facebook pages. We have more protection for tarpon to be formalized in June, plus complete catch and release for bonefish. Most important, the June meeting of Florida Fish and Wildlife is going to be the big one about that weighted snatch hook. From the questions and statements by commissioners last Wednesday it looks like they finally understand the Boca Grande tarpon issue is about an unethical snag hook not live bait vs artificials! I went and spoke with several prominent members of our community; it was great to be a part of such and important event! Please visit our Facebook pages. Randy Wayne White, let if fly in Tampa Tribune article on 4-14, “Fishing’s dirty little secret”. The world knows the truth about this mess; it will help reestablish and rebuild Boca Grande’s world famous tarpon fishery! Gone fishin’, Captain Van Hubbard. <>

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