Boca Grande fishing is cooking, Venice is not far behind!

Mackerel and pompano around Boca Grande and Venice.
April 1, 2013
Great fishing now from Boca grande to Venice Florida!
April 22, 2013
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Boca Grande fishing has been great and Venice is due to turn on now!

          Last week our Boca Grande snook fishing finally turned on big time. Englewood trout and redfish are biting too. We found hungry fish all over Charlotte Harbor and Gasparilla Sound. Our waters have warmed up and the fish are hungry. Minnows can be a challenge but they should get easier. We do have minnows around it’s just the trash algaes are adding extra weight to our nets.

          I am enjoying my expanded range thanks to my Evinrude E-Tec’s efficiency to re-discover many of my old stomping grounds around Charlotte Harbor. My new Quantum reels and Cortland braided lines have been shipped; I’m looking forward to spooling em up and kicking it up a few notches! The new improvements in both should give us even longer casts and more control of big fish!

          Fish have been holding in the usual Spring habitats; deeper edges and structures. Long fluorocarbon leaders help in our clear waters! Be patient and use fresh baits. Ease in and out of areas for best results; many of us are fishing the same spots! Area waters are warming up fast!

          I’m hearing about some pompano but we didn’t get to try any recently; everything else is too good to leave. Spanish and kings are due around Venice but they are already some around Boca Grande. Some must have gone by in recent windy times? I heard they caught a few sailfish off of St Pete last week also, so we’ll be ready when we go today.

          Tarpon are in range if you’re ready for the ride! Expect to work for them but the first ones get the best catching! Boca Grande does have some tarpon in the Pass. After all, fishing is a gamble and we have to take chances to get the shots at good fishing! Sharks are already showing up. Permit are due. Barracuda are sunning on the reefs. It’s time to enjoy the hot action before the crowds descend and make it harder. I do have several openings in the next few weeks so don’t miss out; get a reservation now this is as good as it gets. We enjoyed every cast bites on trips several times recently!

          Thank you for your support. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard. also check out Captain Van Hubbard on Facebook!

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