Great fishing from Venice to Boca Grande right now!

Great fishing now from Boca grande to Venice Florida!
April 22, 2013
Great fishing now from Venice all the way to Boca Grande.
May 29, 2013
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  2013 May 15th fishing report.

First I apologize because I have not posted in way too long.

          Venice to Boca Grande fishing is awesome and business has been great and I am tired when I get home. I do have some opening coming up soon and we are enjoying prime time tarpon action. We have big, to very big silver kings and usually encounter hundreds of fish per day. Several usually bite if we put our baits in front of em. If you want tarpon come on down now!

          We are not the only folks to know Boca Grande is full of fish so we do want to start out very early and get underway by 6AM. It is early but we can find happy fish before other stir em up. We usually hook up by 6:30 or 7 AM. It’s fun to tackle big fish before the sun gets high and warms us up. The Dorado does have a nice shady T Top to protect us from the bright Summer sun. the Evinrude E-Tec is quiet and powerful, she gets us too and from fishing grounds efficiently.

          We fished the Boca Grande Lady’s Day Tarpon event last Saturday and my quiet Evinrude helped us take second place with forty two boats participating. We caught a big tarpon and released it for Kathy and it was her first. She was ecstatic. The awards banquet was fun and our Chamber did a great job. My crew was the best! Photos are on my facebook page Captain-Van Hubbard, please check em out.

          Snook and trout have been biting well and we have caught a few nice redfish too. Minnows have been work to catch because of the floating algae but it is great bait. Since tarpon is in full swing the boats are not bad usually in the Back Country of Charlotte Harbor. Weekends can get crowded but we are still catching quality fish. If you want big trophy snook it is good and stays hot for the next few months.  Fish for dinner is fine too.

          Sharks are abundant if you like toothy critters! We have all kinds of opportunities if you want variety just ask and we can probably do it. Permit are on the near shore reefs and barracuda abundant now too.

          Please let me know if I can help, just check out the web pages and I’m doing a weekly report in the WaterLine also, a Sun family newspaper serving Southwest Florida coasts. I want to update more current info on the web site and need new photos of my Evinrude but it’s hard to get good shots from on board. Maybe the Boca Beacon will let me use the awesome shot they posted. I’ll ask ASAP! Thank you all for your support and I am so happy to be able to enjoy great fishing and your company too. Captain Van Hubbard <>

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