Tarpon are around Boca Grande and Venice, Florida

Venice fishing is awesome try it soon.
April 19, 2012
Big snook and tarpon from Boca Grande and Venice.
May 13, 2012
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Tarpon are around Boca Grande and Venice, Florida

Captain Van’s fishing report for 5-2-12

Fishing is fine from Boca Grande to Venice Florida.

I believe I am now ok on my computer challenges and think I can get this back to a weekly or more report. Thank you for your patience and I’ll try to make this worth your while1

Fishing is good and even better already on most species. Tarpon are already here and cooperating most of the time. Permit have showed up on the reefs. Snook are much better than the state realizes; we have snook. Redfish are around but just ok, mainly because of excessive tournament pressures! Trout are great and some nice fish. Pompano are still around we had four in an hour last week, plus a few Spanish and fun fish. Trips have been fun and exciting.

May and June are tarpon time around Boca Grande and we saw thousands of silver kings in the Boca Grande pass last Friday. We looked around and ended up going to the pass and it was loaded with schools of hungry tarpon. We got bites on pinfish but it’s hard to remember to bow to the king and lost em, lots of excitement and action. Sunday we found fish on the Beaches and caught a nice one before we got discovered. Then we had to work around and the wind picked up to push fish offshore. Fishing will improve dramatically with the Full Moon this weekend.

Permit are available if it’s not too windy. They are from about ten to twenty plus pounds. We use light twenty pound spinning gear and let em run. You just hang on until they slow down. You can keep a couple for dinner and catch all we want plus barracuda and more.

Snook are catch and release but ready to play. We are seeing nice schools of quality fish and plenty of smaller ones. We had several thirty inch plus snook last week and a forty last week. This is light spinning gear and liver minnows for baits in open waters where they can run.

Redfish are around and we get some most trips but they are pressured. I’ve enjoyed much better action by accident than looking for em. Luck and good baits are our best bet here!most fish we get are slot fish and a few too big for fun.

Trout are a blessing and saving grace. We can usually get a mess or more and have fun with snook and reds too. We had two fish up to twenty-six inches recently and several others almost as big. Minnows are my choice presentation but lures work if you like.

Pompano have blessed us every time we tried them recently. They can be challenging but the best eating around. My choice is Doc’s Goofy Jigs with a fresh shrimp sweetener. Colors vary I try white and pink, chartreuse, or yellow. Size depends upon the current flow. Try ¼ for slow flow and ½ for faster currents and deeper waters. Remember to cast upstream and bounce the bottom for best results. Presentations need to be as natural as possible always! Short hops not yard long leaps. Move if the bite stops, pompano don’t sit still for long.

Again this is prime time for many species like tarpon, snook, permit etc…  Don’t miss the opportunity to share time with friends and family creating new memories on your fishing adventures with Captain Van. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <www.captvan.com>

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