Big snook and tarpon from Boca Grande and Venice.

Tarpon are around Boca Grande and Venice, Florida
May 3, 2012
Venice fishing is as hot as the weather.
May 23, 2012
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Big snook and tarpon from Boca Grande and Venice.

Windy weather means more travel for tarpon but snook are fine.

Happy Mother’s day and God bless them. Boca Grande tarpon are abundant but the winds and rough waters can make them challenging. Snook fishing has been very good and some larger fish are here now. Redfish and trout are available if you want fun fishing and dinner. We’ll be looking for a few pompano and Spanish this week inshore and permit and barracuda near shore.  I anticipate even better catching this week with stronger tide flows around the New Moon.

Tarpon are ranging from Boca Grande and south up past Venice on the north end.  We have thousands of tarpon in our area but right now most are concentrated in or next to Boca Grande Pass they are overdue to do more roaming the adjoining areas but recent weather and winds have messed up normal patterns. Things are due to settle in this week. Waters have warmed into the eighties and winds can’t blow forever? Crabs are due to start running soon and this will light up the action also. Fish have been biting when winds allowed us access. I expect tarpon action to turn on this week and last into July.

Snook are ready to play; its catch and release fishing but we have impressive fish. We had numerous snook over thirty inches and several well over thirty-five inches; these are ten to almost twenty pounds snook! True trophy snook and strong enough to blow bass fishermen away! We fish live minnows and ten to twenty pound Quantum Spinning gear. Snook jump and run and we had smiling anglers last week it will be even better now. Fish are from Charlotte harbor and Boca Grande Beaches up to Venice Inlet. Many strikes are at the surface where you can see your fish eat and take off. The hard part is to reel and not jerk your minnow out of her mouth. We also get some trout and redfish plus jacks and more while snook fishing.

Permit, sharks, barracuda, and more are available if you choose. The near shore reefs are active and offer good fishing if winds allow. We’re fishing mostly natural baits and gear strong enough for the job but max for screaming drags and fun.

It’s great to be able to enjoy our beautiful area and its awesome fishing action. Let’s go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <>

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