Warmer days and better fishing next week.

Spring is near, Boca Grande fishing is already warming up.
February 21, 2010
Spring fishing is almost here.
March 19, 2010
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Warmer days and better fishing next week.

3-3-10 fishing report

Weather men are optimistic it will reach upper seventies around Boca Grande next week.

I am ready for Spring fishing. I got in three half day trips last week, but found more fish than we caught. We stayed close to “home port” up here in Lemon Bay because it was chilly riding around. Protected waters held some nice redfish and trout but the cool temps affected appetites. The trout bit some but the reds had lock jaw. We found a few sheepshead to add to our table fair. While these convict fish lack glamour they are fun and tasty. We should have bunches of em now but waters have been too stirred up to lock in on the groups. I expect some good catches around Boca Grande when it settles down next week. Charlotte Harbor will also enjoy some good trout fishing when the winds allow us to get back down there. Reds and snook will improve with every warm day.

One trip was especially fun because Merry Beth accompanied her friend Nancy Wall, Indianapolis and Palm Island, and Nancy’s friends Paula and Peter for a shot trip. We had to take advantage of a brief warm period when we could get together. We caught trout, ladyfish, and sheepshead. It was wonderful to see the girls out fish the guys as usual. Nancy was enthusiastic and really got excited when she hooked the sheepshead because it pulled much harder. Dolly her spaniel as also got in on the action; she enjoyed checking out all the fish. It was fun for all, and MBR shot tons of photos, maybe I can get her to share some?

I expect to hear from other captains about Spanish and king mackerel headed our way by mid month. We need Boca Grande and Gulf waters to climb up to about seventy before the action heats up. Then all our inshore and Gulf migrations will begin to light up and turn on. Snook will begin to eat aggressively at seventy five degrees water temp. Then we will begin to see how many survived the cold winter. Tarpon will not be far behind and I expect to see some in around Boca Grande in late April. The “Mack Attack” will begin this month.

I’m looking forward to warmer days and hotter bites around Charlotte Harbor/Boca Grande; Let’s Go Fishin’ soon.

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