Spring is near, Boca Grande fishing is already warming up.

Spring cleaning!
January 26, 2010
Warmer days and better fishing next week.
March 3, 2010
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Spring is near, Boca Grande fishing is already warming up.

Spring will be arriving around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor soon; the boat is beautiful.

Let’s Go Fishin’, my 23 Dorado, is all refinished inside and out. She looks great; including comfortable new upholstery. It was a chore and as always took more effort than estimated. Roy Bennett finished up the hull while I went north to enjoy some basketball games with Merry Beth. We saw some great college basketball at Syracuse in their dome; those folks are passionate about their b ball! I was frosty, plenty of snow, but I survived with only a head cold. I skipped the ice fishing although watched a young man catch a nice steelhead in the Salmon River. I am fishing some this week and will then do a tune up on the trusty Yamaha before our season catches up with me. I keep hearing about a recovery and am ready to get back to great Charlotte Harbor/Boca Grande, Spring fishing.

Right now it’s been chilly and my friends tell me I picked the right time to get caught up and play. Trout and reds are available most days. Sheepshead will peak soon and some pompano should drop in any time. When fishing is slow we do have some sunny afternoons to enjoy the white pelicans and abundant birds wintering here. Eagles and osprey are abundant now also.

We are due to experience the shift to strong southerly winds soon. March Madness also means magical fishing here in Southwest Florida. With those warmer winds the flocks of screaming terns, known to fisherman as mackerel birds, will announce the arrival of fishing’s “mack attack”. Both Spanish and kings will migrate north into our Boca Grande area in less than a month. Expect to experience schools of jumping fish, crazy birds, and singing drags. Macks race line off when hooked. We have liberal bag limits and this should make fishermen smile.

Cobia, sharks, little tunny, jacks, etc… and baitfish will charge into the near shore Gulf waters soon, offering us plenty of action and opportunities. We have endured a hard windy winter and would enjoy a milder spring season.

If it’s windy we are blessed with some awesome action in the protected waters of Charlotte Harbor and Lemon Bay. Snook may be closed to harvest this spring but we will enjoy some hot action. We have trout and redfish to catch and eat. Those huge Spanish Macks, were thick inside Charlotte Harbor last fall and will return. Minnows will move inside with the Northeast winds, providing our baitfish. Scattered sharks and cobia will drop in following the food. I admit to enduring cold winter fishing, but I love spring fishing because it’s comfortable and productive.

I sure got a reminder of how lucky and blessed we are to be fishing in Boca Grande, in Southwest, Florida. I am thankful and ready to catch some fish! It’s time to reserve your favorite dates.

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