Spring fishing is almost here.

Warmer days and better fishing next week.
March 3, 2010
Venice and Englewood fishing is almost back up to par!
March 24, 2010
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Spring fishing is almost here.

3-18-2010 report

Our fishing is picking up since the sunshine has rediscovered Englewood, Florida, again. Every sunny day the phone rings and catching improves, thank you Big Guy! I completed all the boat refinishing and she is prepared for fair weather! She looks and runs great. Water temps went up into mid sixties yesterday but then the temp gauge failed, at least that is not critical. Boats! I expect a “Mack Attack” to start in a week or two. A few Spanish have already been caught buy trout fishermen around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor.

I got out Wednesday with Dave and Bob. They are from the New England and we had some clouds but mostly a sunny afternoon to fish. Trout were still cold and we had to work for our dinner but we landed a few fat trout for dinner. We had some smaller trout, redfish, ladyfish and a big ugly porcupine fish. As Lemon Bay waters warm up our catching will continue to improve. The pet snook at my marina are still shy but will show up when we get some minnows to feed em.

I am expecting the mackerel migrations to arrive by Easter close to the next Full Moon. As water temps close in on seventy degrees minnows and fish will magically drop ashore with flocks of screaming seagulls announcing the arrival! Of course the wind speed and direction will help or hamper our access to the hungry schools of fish. Shark, cobia, little tunny, pompano, and many other species will invade our Gulf waters beginning off Boca Grande, into Englewood and on to Venice. We endured a long Winter and optimistically anticipate Spring weather and fishing. Let’s Go Fishin’ soon.

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