It’s mackerel time if it’s calm or snook if it’s not.

It’s time to enjoy the Fall foishing around Venice.
September 20, 2013
It’s time to enjoy the mack attack offf of Venice.
October 11, 2013
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It’s mackerel time if it’s calm or snook if it’s not.

Life has been busy but we have enjoyed some great fishing.


          We have had some Spanish and king mackerel drop in finally up around Venice. We even had a few tarpon pass thru and could have more down in Boca Grande. Pompano are in and out but when they are here action is good. Snook, redfish, and trout are still available and usually cooperative. All are open this month. We have some windy conditions as I take time to put this together but it will settle fast and offer us some slightly cooler temps and good fishing action.

          Baitfish schools have started to drop into our Venice area. The schools have been large but not holding overnight. It’s been a new game everyday. We have even had different types of baitfish every few days. Go figure; fishing keeps you guessing and that’s part of the challenge.

          The Spanish have been large, mostly two to three pounds. I’m sure there are smaller fish around, but the ones we taken were while king fishing with very large minnows. The kings have been from ten to twenty pounds, no big ones yet. This action has been great up off of Venice so far.  I expect to see a hot bite this week as waters settle and clear up on the East winds the next few days. I’m hoping we still have a few of those Boca Grande tarpon to play with awhile longer.

          Pompano have not been predictable but we have enjoyed hot action when we can get on the fish. These can be elusive but are fun and tasty delights when we get locked in on them. I’m guessing it will pick up again next week also.

          The inside waters should clear up now that the heavy rains have subsided. I was pleased to observe much clearer waters prior to this big blow. Runoff will linger but at a lesser flow; the heavy rains should be over now?

          Snook, redfish, and trout are ready to play most of the time. It’s nice to be able to keep anything in the slots for now anyway. We will enjoy some hot bites and some times need to look around more because everything did move during the dark water times when it was hard to see them.

          It’s time to get out and enjoy the milder temps and hotter fishing. I have the 12 thru 15th open right now; then the 22, 24,25th and 28, 29th; and I’m out of here for awhile. So set up something soon or I’ll catch up in December after it cools off. Thank you. Let’s go fishin’ now! Captain Van Hubbard  cell 941-740-4665

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