Action continues to pick up from Boca Grande to Venice Fl.

Tarpon visiting Boca Grande/Venice soon.
March 18, 2012
Venice fishing is awesome try it soon.
April 19, 2012
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Action continues to pick up from Boca Grande to Venice Fl.

2012-3-25 Venice and Boca Grande fishing is good now.


We enjoyed catching snook, redfish, trout and pompano last week. etc…  Several days our rides between stops were rudely interrupted by numerous dolphin jumping so close they splashed us. On top of that I can hardly transverse a manatee zone without encountering several endangered sea cows grazing away. It’s hard to get to the fish for all the distractions!

Seriously, fish are here and cooperating most days; the unusual weather has them confused sometimes too. Snook have been more enthusiastic than redfish last week but we are getting some reds for dinner. Trout are moving around and keeping us moving but here and hungry when we get on em. Pompano are not for everyone they can be easy or tricky and some folks get em and others don’t. They are worth the effort if have the touch.

Family trips have been fantastic. Fish usually cooperate but those dolphin and manatees fill in any holes keeping them entertained. Kids get to experience the water and its wonders creating lifetime memories. Be sure the cameras are ready; their expressions are priceless!

Inside fishing should continue to improve as we move into stable weather patterns with less wind. Baitfish are a key ingredient here and they have not blessed us inside Lemon bay but are down in Charlotte Harbor. Larger snook are due to move out of the creeks as the moon waxes this week.  Trout should also improve for the next couple of months. Redfish are hit and miss but we caught a few perfect twenty-five inch slot fish and had more bites.

Near shore was tough because of high winds last week. We had excellent Spanish mackerel action with some big barracuda caught and kings seen cruising our chum lines a week ago Friday. Baitfish are not acting normal outside either but we are seeing schools of minnows sometimes.  Everything is over due to turn on and light up our lines and make the drags scream. It won’t be long before we see tarpon outside too. It’s time to line up your dates to tarpon tango before you miss the boat.

Summer will be here soon and you don’t want to miss the Spring bite. If you’re too busy to go fishin’ you’re just too busy! Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard. <>

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