Fishing is fine from Venice to Boca Grande.

Great fishing now from Venice all the way to Boca Grande.
May 29, 2013
Time to enjoy some tarpon and snook fishing around Venice or Boca Grande.
June 18, 2013
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Fishing is fine from Venice to Boca Grande.

Venice fishing charters report and forecast for 6-11-2013


While the weather did mess us up last week the tarpon and snook fishing is back to normal today.

          It has been crazy this year with good times and then foul weather bouncing us around frequently. The fish have been cooperating when we can get to them. It seems like we can expect some seasonal hot weather with fair mornings and evening thunderstorms most of the time now. I am very excited at how well business has been. It is slowing down some now with time opening up the last week of this month and plenty of space in July. I am actually looking forward to slowing down some because I have plenty to catch up on.

          Tarpon are and will be around except in the strong west windy periods. We rode all over Saturday and Monday without much success. some fish were comming ashore by Boca Grande on Monday finally. The fish showed back up Monday even toward Venice but would not act right maybe because it was still windy. At least we saw some fish and got baits into them frequently.  I heard they bit better this AM; but slowed again in the afternoon. We have a very strong thunderstorm right now so they get to rest a little. We enjoyed good catching before the weather sent the schools off shore and out of reach. It should be hot again next week on the Full Moon the 23rd. I do have several days open starting the 24th. Our beach fishing has not even gotten up to speed yet because of the crazy weather. I do expect good action into July. The out of town crazies will be heading home soon and I plan on enjoying a lot more tarpon fishing.

          Today for example I had two young ladies from Ohio that wanted to catch some fish. Scott their dad wanted his daughters to catch some fish and see our local waters highlights. We found dolphins immediately but the girls were still not alert yet. We got on a snook bite and managed to grab the girl’s attention, the hot bite woke em right up. They had a blast and dad got so excited he had to join in a catch a few too. We moved when the bite slowed down and tried a second spot. It was even better and larger snook. They had a memorable experience and took ton’s of photos which they promised to share soon. It was so much fun for me to see these girls enjoy our wonderful area. They will be talking about it for the rest of their lives. We saw many more dolphins, all kinds of birds but no manatees today. I did have one swim by while catching bait this morning but could not find it with them.

          Trout and redfish with a few flounder are available for dinner. They have required us to look around for them since the fresh water infusion last week with that big tropical depression. Baitfish are still abundant and we have fish if you have a little patience while we look around for em.

          Permit and much more are on the near shore reefs if the winds allow us access?

          Everything is looking great if you can find the time to visit and try our fishing. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <>

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