Merry Christmas and great fishing.

Good fishing now Venice to Boca Grande.
November 17, 2011
Great weather and fishing in Venice, Florida!
December 26, 2011
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Merry Christmas and great fishing.

2011-11-30      Fishing report by Captain Van Hubbard

 We enjoyed some good food, weather and fishing for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

 Mackerel were scattered from Venice Beaches to Boca Grande Pass and into Charlotte Harbor last month. Many were smaller but some were larger two and three pounds. We also found a few tasty pompano they were not thick but we could catch a mess for dinner if we gave em a chance. Lots of ladyfish to keep poles bent between pompano and macks. We used Doc’s Goofy jigs tipped with fresh shrimp for best results. Eddies near the passes are usually hot spots. Changing weather and Christmas shopping will slow trips down, but if you can get out waters are not crowded plus fishing is fine.

If you’re shopping on those windy days consider some fishy toys for your big boys and girls. We all love new toys. Take some time to consider our specific likes in fishing so you can match your gifts to our angling needs.  Most of us have more time than money these days; so spend more time thinking and less rushing to get it over with. Make your dollars count and gain deeper appreciation. Of course I think charters are a great gift if you can swing it, I’m a guide. This is a great way to see how it can be as well as supposed to be done, gain experience and expand knowledge. While we are not cheap, we are a good value and much less than ownership. Our significant fishing experience can shorten your learning curve dramatically.

Other ideas are fishing poles, lures, or even gift certificates. If you have the time, do your research learn more about each other and make the extra effort; the joy you revive is worth every minute or even hour. If you can make the time, enjoy it with others; now is the time to share with family and friends.  The smiles you can inspire are more rewarding than anything else you can share or buy. If you want to be happy just show some kids a good time around our waters and you’ll experience the joy of the holidays. Their smiles are pure joy!

Make Christmas to New Years fishing reservations now because dates are booking up.  We can expect some good action with redfish, sheepshead, trout and pompano.  Next year trout will be open year round. We could even have some mackerel if it stays as warm as it was around Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time with the special folks in your life. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Merry Christmas      Captain Van Hubbard <>

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