Venice fishing improves as we warm up.

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December 30, 2010
Boca Grande and Venice area is sunny and fish are bitting.
February 24, 2011
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Venice fishing improves as we warm up.

2010-2-5 fishing report

 Today I had the pleasure of sharing a fishing trip with Rob and Nathan from upstate New York near Buffalo. They live on a family nursery farm.  Summers are busy so they get away now for vacation with parents in Venice.

We shared the morning in very dense fog, out of sight, and catching fish. We caught small trout and reds at first. We’d catch a few then move a little and catch a few bigger ones. Finally we caught some slot fish then a couple of big specks. It was so good to have Rob teach his eleven year old son that it is important to his fishing future that he put the biggest ones back for tomorrow. Nathan did not hesitate and that shows me how even in this crazy world there is hope for a brighter tomorrow! His beaming smile was so encouraging.

 Winter fishing with sixty degree water is not what I am used to but it’s all about our perspective; it is so much better than upstate Ney York in February for a father and son bonding on a fishing trip. We fished with live shrimp and rattle corks along a deeper grassy edge. The reds were on the flat and the trout in the deeper sandy areas. It was low water so fish were concentrated until the tide came back. We also had fun with the ladyfish that held in slightly deeper waters.

 I am spoiled by our warmer water fishing but we do enjoy some good action now; especially on the warmer south winds. Spring is just around the corner so our migratory mackerel and minnows are due next month as waters approach seventy degrees.  Snook and trout will be moving out as soon as the waters warm up into the mid-seventies. Tarpon show up in the upper seventies. Mackerel and kings will hang around until waters reach about eighty. Permit will show up then too. Pompano are due any time after it starts to warm up; maybe early March. Sheepshead are here, hungry and will peak soon. Bottom line is simple; it’s ok now and improving every time the waters warm a few degrees!

 It’s time to get ready for Spring fishing. Make sure your gear and reservations are in order. Take advantage of the cooler windy days to maintain your rig and set up your plans. Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard

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