Looking Forward to Venice’s Fall Fishing.

Hot ideas for Englewood fishing.
August 4, 2010
Mackerel fishing is hotter than the weather.
September 25, 2010
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Looking Forward to Venice’s Fall Fishing.

Making the most of hot summer weather. 9-11-10

 While I have slipped in a few productive fishing trips in the past month or so I also took advantage of the opportunity to visit friends and family.  Since business was slow between the hot weather and all the global bad press about the BP oil spill mess I made the most of my time off and traveled around America’s East Coast. 

 Let me emphasize that we had no actual oil problems locally. All of our problems were a direct result of mass media’s misrepresentation of Florida’s oil contamination. Fact is only about one percent of Florida’s Gulf Coast actually saw any oil on their beaches! It’s a shame our world press loves to sensationalize rather than report facts.  Hopefully that is all behind us.

 Back to brighter thoughts.  I had a couple of days to spend with my brothers in Key West. Then Merry Beth and I visited some of Florida’s East Coast.  It had been way too long since I had seen these special places.  We stopped in Auburndale for a friend to check out and fix up my Chevy Van for a road trip.  We then spent about three weeks visiting family and friends, some I had not shared time with in decades.  I am thankful and feel blessed to find the time to see them while I can.  We went all the way to Lake Ontario in up state New York.  I did see some nice salmon up there but did not fish any. 

 We came home so I could catch a few trips and we could take care of some writing responsibilities.  We still have some fine redfish. The recent rain runoff has darkened Englewood and Venice areas inside waters but our fish are even more colorful because of the dark waters.  The speckled trout have vivid hues and that little bit of purple is extra vibrant.  I am still looking for some pompano because their breasts should be almost gold.  None so far but I know we will catch some soon.  We already have some mackerel off our Venice Beaches.  Kings can not be far off.  Snook are available but we can not keep any till next year.  The good news here is we have snook to replenish local stocks.  Bottom line is its still hot here but slightly cooler every week and Fall fishing is almost here.  Do not miss the great fishing we are about to enjoy.  By Thanksgiving our weather could change our catching. 

 God Bless America! Especially today; find time to share with your friends and family. Today powerfully reminds us just how dramatically our lives can be altered. 

Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard.  www.captvan.com

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