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Life has been busy around fishing but you are not forgotten.<br />
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I do apologize for not reporting more recently but I’ve had my hands full. The strong west winds this summer have frustrated fish and fishermen but we are enjoying some good action. Many of my trips have been taking kids fishing with summer vacations now. We had four nephews and a niece ranging from seven to twelve around for over a week and it kept me busy. The weather added challenges beyond keeping five kids busy but we did get some action on the water. Several charters were with kids and grandkids and it has been a true blessing for me to share these experiences. <br />
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Weather has been the controlling factor the past few weeks. West winds stirred up the Gulf and prevented our fishing outside. It blew so hard it covered the beaches with seaweeds and added floating grass to our inside fishing. Things are returning to near normal and fishing improves daily. Baitfish are everywhere just very small. Our waters have cleared back up but fish don’t need to work for food now, also they are not aggressive in this hot water. The good news is we have plenty of fish and with the clear water I can concentrate our efforts directly on quality fish. Catch and release snook, snapper and some reds and trout have kept us busy recently. Tarpon are here but weather days and anglers have not matched up recently. It’s been wonderful to play with the kids and not just fish. We went to Bush Gardens, a nice change for me. We spent time at Mote Marine in Sarasota; the kids loved it. Aquariums and so much exciting information for them to absorb; they got to see so many fish in the water. Observing tarpon, sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and so much more. That big world record hammerhead from Boca Grande Pass is mounted by the big tank for kids to check out; no more trouble with feet hanging over the side of the boat after that! The rough seas bring thousands of shells to area beaches and even some shark teeth for us to hunt. We had plenty to do.<br />
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We caught some nice redfish as the tides built up last week before the Full Moon but could not get em going on the best tides later on the moon? Snook were good but not anything like before the crazy west winds; they can’t be far. Snapper are coming back but took off a few days last week when I needed em. We had a nice mess for dinner on yesterday’s trip with Todd and son Conner. Kids are so easy to please Conner was more excited about his catfish than the snook? Go figure? Trout are here but hit and miss and on their schedule not mine. When I wanted smaller sharks they hide and now are everywhere. I am looking forward to some good redfish and tarpon action next week right now I’m getting ready to go to Orlando for the biggest tackle show of all, ICAST, at the convention center. Life is full of adventure and some times it comes into our back yards; I never made the show in Vegas. It’s impossible to out guess Mother Nature but I am looking forward to some awesome snook fishing this Fall since we have seen so many linesiders this summer. We’ll try to tame some tarpon next week and test out any new gear we find at the show. The snapper and mackerel should help keep kids happy and us eating fresh fish if we can stand up and fish around the passes. Enjoy the summer and Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <www.captvan.com> <br />

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