Fishing fluctuates with our weather!

6-22-09 fishing report by Captain Van Hubbard.<br />
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Boca Grande tarpon and snook fishing are going strong.<br />
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Our Sportfishing season is rolling along but the unusual strong West winds have prevented the consistency we have traditionally enjoyed. We are catching some tarpon in the fair weather and still have plenty of fish but rough seas restrict our catching frequently. Snook catch and release fishing has been awesome. We have more linesiders than I’ve seen in about twenty years and plenty of big trophy fish. We are careful to enjoy this fishery but not hurt these spawning sportfish. Wet hands, brief time out of water, circle hooks, and all. We have several other options when the winds allow us outside to play on the artificial reefs near shore, permit, cudas, etc… The unpredictable weird west winds and high pressure system dominating our Gulf waters has to move back into the Atlantic sometime; letting our catching return to normal.<br />
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Tarpon have tolerated the pressure and stayed with us thru the crazy weather. Many of the out of town season transit guides are going home; this should result in happier fish for the locals to enjoy catching now. Since most of the fish seem to be running behind their normal patterns I anticipate good action thru July into August. We always have some fish now but should have many more this summer. It has gotten hot so beat the heat and fish hard early. Crabs remain our day break bait of choice and minnows as the sun lets us find em. Lighter fluorocarbon leaders and smaller hooks help in our crystal clear waters. Just remember you need to subdue these special fish and not drag out the fish at your fish’s expense; week fish are just shark food. We may have to look for fish but can expect em to be calm and hungry now. <br />
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Snook, what can I say plenty of fish and they are biting. Minnows are becoming challenging and some days we resort to threadfins for bait. Whitebaits are small and spawning now. Fly fishing will work and offer you the opportunity to develop new skills and confidence in this arena. It is fun to catch a bunch of fish but diversification holds more excitement. Many lures work but be kind to the fish and use single hook lures like soft plastic jigs and flies. Match the hatch minnow copies are best but shrimp imitations get eaten too. Just handle fish respectfully they are spawning now. <br />
<br />
We have some Spanish Mackerel and a few kings still around. We anchor or drift with live minnows and a chum bag to attract hungry macks. Slow tide days are perfect around the Boca Grande Pass area. Mangrove snapper are small but tasty treats for hungry anglers. Minnows and shrimp work here; light leaders and small circle hooks recommended. Mangos are around all our passes and even deeper oyster bars now. <br />
<br />
Outside we have some permit and plenty of barracuda to challenge our gear. The mackerel show some times and plenty of little tunny to test your stamina and gear. While the high suspended over the Gulf does prevent tropical development it should give us a break soon? Normal weather patterns will dramatically improve our catching and expand the places we can fish comfortably. <br />
Let’s Go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <><br />

Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
Placida, FL 33946



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