Boca Grande Tarpon are here and biting.

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We fished tarpon the last two days and it is great. Steve and Steven drove down from St. Pete. to share a day tarpon fishing together. Neither had ever caught a silver king and everything co-operated. Steven got off to an awesome start with a huge fish. We were challenged with pictures but it was in the 160+ range. She jumped and ran for almost an hour on fifty pound Sufix braid. He did an outstanding job and both were tired when he released his trophy tarpon. Dad was not to be out done and caught a long skinny fish that weighted about the same; 160. it was nice to enjoy the jumps and unbelievable strength of the silver king in a quiet peaceful setting. Steven also landed and released his second tarpon a little hundred pounder. Steve hooked and fought a big one for several jumps before we headed back to Stump Pass Marina. <br />
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Tuesday, Ward Curtis and Ed Mansfield of St Pete drove down to try their luck. Things started out slow we were seeing a tarpon roll here and a tarpon roll there but no concentration of fish. We kept baits in the water and Ed was first up to battle "Mr. Silverking". Ed brought his fish to the boat for some quick photos and we were off again looking for hungry tarpon. A few minutes later we spotted a beautiful sight of happy rolling tarpon alone and away from the other boats. Their mirror like bodies sparkled in the sun which was enough to get any anglers adrenalin pumping. We were the first boat to get into position to present our baits to the fish. We took advantage of that opportunity and within seconds Ward was hooked up . Both anglers today caught nice tarpon and Merry Beth was along to help capture some better photos today. It is very challenging to get fish, boat, guests and photographer clicking together in harmony. We frequently get fish or client and chopped off heads etc. with out her skilled help. As she reminds me talent is not cheap but worth the extra cost to capture memories to share later. Photos of your great catch can capture memories of a lifetime. <br />
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Tarpon are here and waiting for you. Let’s go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard. <><br />

Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
Placida, FL 33946



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