Catching improves with warmer water.

Warmer weather and fishing picks up.<br />
<br />
Spring like conditions this week should help our fishing dramatically. Last weeks very cold winds dropped water temps down into the lower fifties. With a full week of warm days some up into the eighties waters will warm and fish will feed. We will be comfortable too.<br />
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Saturday John's wife set him up a surprise trip complete with fishing guide, from cold Canada to their second home on Don Pedro Island for his fiftieth birthday. She was sharp enough to watch the weather and be sure conditions down here would be fun. We confirmed dates and times on Wednesday for the Saturday trip. I picked John, his friends Dave and Dr. Eric, up at their dock at nine thirty AM and we stopped by Stump Pass Marina to pick up some shrimp on our way to fishing spots. I planned on going south but decided to try to the north so we would have following cool breeze on our way home. <br />
<br />
We found plenty of fish on our first stop but they would not bite. We finally caught a nice flounder as I was pulling the anchor up to leave the area. It was a sign of better things to come. The guys had lunch and some "luck changers" refreshments, while we motored to another area. Since the winds had breezed up I decided to work a lea Eastern shoreline that would be protected and maybe warmer. The water was warmer, up from 52, to 56 and finally to 57 degrees so the fish got hungry. The bite was not fast and furious but steady. We ended up with seven trout from 15 to 21 inches and one fat pompano; plus some smaller fish. The ladyfish made frequent appearances and helped keep rods bent and my anglers smiling. We did have to put in some time but they had fun and a mess of fish for his birthday dinner. I really enjoyed hearing about their fishing back home around the Great Lakes. Maybe I'll even get to try it some time? <br />
<br />
Business is slower than normal but it's nice with fewer boats on the water too. Make the best of the situation and be thankful it's not worst. With Spring approaching the phone is ringing more and prospects improving every day. Snook opens the First of March, mackerel migrations are already in the Keys and tarpon will be here before you know it. <br />
Let's Go Fishin' soon. Captain Van Hubbard. <br />
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Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
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