2015 was awesome; but it’s 2016 Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas, enjoy fun family fishing.
December 19, 2015
Revised Fishing Focus for 2016
February 24, 2016
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2015 was awesome; but it’s 2016 Happy New Year.

We have enjoyed the best year and it ended with unbelievable weather. Record high temps in the mid eighties for the last week. it’s due to change tomorrow and I’m ready for a few days off after a busy holiday run.  The wind is supposed to chill us down into the frigid sixties for our lows. We are bad spoiled.

Snook, trout, and a few redfish, blessed our Christmas catches. We ended the year of 2015 with a fat pompano today.  I had the pleasure of sharing most days with families showing them our local area and all it’s water wonders. Snapper have been  biting outside when winds allow us out. I’m looking forward to good action when it calms down.

Thank everyone for your support and encouragement. Management and conservation are challenges we have to stay involved with if we expect to have an active voice. Get involved from the beginning or it’s not effective.

It’s time to lock in Spring break and Summer tarpon dates. Reservations are first come first served and dates are already booking. Enjoy and be safe. It’s paradise fishing from Boca Grande to Venice Beaches. You can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishin’! Happy New Year. Captain Van

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