Venice to Boca Grande fishing depends on our weather.

Bring your childeren for fishing adventures in Venice or Boca Grande.
July 18, 2013
Fish are still running from Venice to Boca Grande.
August 6, 2013
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Venice to Boca Grande fishing depends on our weather.

Captain Van Hubbard’s report and observations for 7-25-13


Crazy weather keeps this years fishing challenging.


          It is a beautiful day to wake up and I’m thankful; but this fresh west wind makes things difficult. Its eighty degrees and the suns not up yet. Welcome to summertime life around here. The overcast last week was actually a blessing if you missed the rains. We still have fish and fun if the heat doesn’t bother you. This is when my big T-Top really helps. I find we all tend to migrate to the shade as it heats up. The breezes are wonderful if not too strong.  The freshwater runoff is still an issue but fish are always here and still need to eat. I’m just spoiled and used to seeing our targets. This year has been wonderful and even with weird weather very productive. Business has been great even though it’s slowed down now but I needed time to catch up on chores and relax a little. Not as young as I was but not as old as I will be tomorrow! It’s nice to take some time to reflect and remember the many blessings and special folks and fishing we have enjoyed.

          The kid’s trips are perfect fit for me and the families. I enjoyed a nice cook out with a friend and his family at Boca Grande last evening. We talked, shared fish stories and watched the girls play. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a day. 

          Snook and snapper seem to be the best bet right now. They are abundant and close. The minnows are growing but still small so it’s a good fit. Trout are around and we do have some redfish if you want to but in the time and effort. Spanish mackerel are due anytime and I think we could find a few tasty pompano if we went looking for them. If the winds allowed we have kings and a variety of fish in the nearby Gulf if weather permitting. Tarpon are scatted but available if you put in the time! No sitting ducks right now but plenty of fish scattered from Boca grande to Venice and up into Charlotte Harbor too; we can play with depending upon conditions.

          If you are planning to eat a Venice snook when it opens for harvest it’s past time to lock up some dates! The season opens September First and should peak in October sometime. Fishing will remain good until the cold weather comes south sometime in November. Everything else is biting then too so don’t miss out. The mackerel migration will be hot off of Venice Beaches in October too with lots of action and liberal bag limits to bring home some fish.

          Watch the weather next week it’s that time of the year. Thank you, Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <>

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