Good fishing and no red tide!

Great Venice fishing now!
February 24, 2013
Venice fishing will improve as we warm up this week.
March 16, 2013
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Good fishing and no red tide!

2013-3-7 fishing report from Captain Van Hubbard.

 Short and sweet this week Venice fishing is great! It’s been a very busy week with fish biting and our Save the Tarpon Shindig last Sunday. The best news is we have NO SIGNS OF RED TIDE NOW! I don’t have time to go into details but I am happy to note that we caught catfish for the first time in months and saw mullet again. These are the most sensitive to the plague.

          Our Save the Tarpon Shindig and fundraiser was awesome we raised more than $25,000! Captain Tom and Jenifer McLaughlin lead the charge and now e have to funds to stand up for our Boca Grande tarpon fishery. Our motto is simple, “respect the fish and respect Boca Grande Pass”! much more when I have the time.

          Fishing from Boca Grande to Venice has been good. Some days are great and a few we have had to look around more than I like but the improved fuel mileage from my new Evinrude sure helps. Sheepshead were hot and should still be around if it calms down in the Gulf. Trout are around and should improve dramatically as waters return to normal. Reds are here but the tournaments start soon and they are chased a lot. Snook look great but it is catch and release.

          Pompano have blessed us and saved many trips recently. We even managed a few yesterday in that wind. It was the only day our special guest thirteen year old Connor could go. He had fun and they are from Canada so it was warm to them.

          The mackerel should be here soon and we have a Boca grande Mack Attack coming up the 7th of April for a few boats. This is a fun event  not a competitive competition! It is limited to 15 boats and is a family event. We’ll have a cook out with our fresh mackerel afterwards.

          Sorry to be so short this week but thankfully fishing is busy so don’t procrastinate get your reservation soon or risk missing out!

Captain Van Hubbard <>

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