Venice fishing is looking forward to the New Year.

Merry Christmas; come enjoy Venice fishing when you can.
December 19, 2012
A much more optimistic outlook for Venice fishing.
January 6, 2013
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Venice fishing is looking forward to the New Year.

January 2, 2013, fishing report by Captain Van Hubbard

Yes, it’s a new year for us to enjoy.

          2012 had some high points and I’m glad to have survived it; but I’m looking forward to new opportunities. I experienced a lot of personal growth and dramatic changes last year. They didn’t kill me, I am stronger as well as a better person because of the experiences. Thank you for being here and sticking with me, now back to fishing!

          It’s been very unusual recently. We were cursed with some red tide outbreaks along our Gulf Coasts but the waters from Venice to Boca Grande have been clean from my personal observations since the last front. We do have a few remaining dead fish in pockets but everything looks good right now. It can change rapidly so call or email for up to date information! I’ll share my on water observations and best guesses. Bad news update red tide was bad today in near shore Gulf and Lemon Bay. I’m taking a few days off!

          We have enjoyed some good fishing around the challenges of 2012. We caught some pompano up until Christmas Day and I do expect many more soon. Trout and redfish have been ok but not as predictable as normal because of abnormal circumstances. I do expect things to return to normal any time, if waters remain clean? We caught large Spanish mackerel while trout fishing inside last week. Ladyfish are abundant one day and lost the next. It’s a good thing I still have hair because it’s been hair pulling crazy and unpredictable recently.  It’s challenging but that’s what helps us learn and grow! We even caught several nice snook red fishing last week. We have good fishing I just have to look around more than usual to discover exactly where the fish are hiding today. There have been lots of dolphin, birds and some manatees to help distract us between bites.

          Our weather is not consistent in January so it’s best to contact me as soon as you arrive into our area so we can select the nicest day for your trip. My recommendation is to target whatever we can find that day. Because it has been so diversified and unpredictable I’ll bring varied gear and my forty years experience prepared to tackle most anything we encounter.  If we go fishing to have fun on our beautiful waters we are guaranteed to enjoy the trip; not to worry we are looking to do as much catching as Mother Nature allows.

          I am excited about the up coming spring/summer snook and tarpon seasons. We can also anticipate a busy March and April with migratory schools passing by near shore. The Mackerel, sharks, pompano, and all will show up here as area waters warm back up near seventy degrees.  My new E-tec is awesome and it’s ready to take us to the hot bites. I’m doing some other upgrades before spring also and will let you know as they materialize.

          Again thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting new friends. Note that I am conducting several fishing classes at the Punta Gorda campus of Florida Gulf Coast University starting on January the 24th at 4 PM, please pre-register, ASAP. It’s great to share my knowledge and help you all become better fishermen and stewards of our resources.

Happy New Year! Captain Van Hubbard <>

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