Try Venice, Fl. fishing over the Holidays!

Venice offers good action in fair weather enjoy Thanksgiving.
November 12, 2012
Merry Christmas; come enjoy Venice fishing when you can.
December 19, 2012
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November 29, 2012 Venice fishing report by Captain Van Hubbard

Venice to Boca Grande fishing is fine.

          First it was great to take some time away from fishing to pursue other interests. I hope you got to share time with your family and friends also; what a wonderful blessing. It’s great to visit, get away, and explore new adventures.

          I enjoyed the opportunity to go fishing with friends upon my return Saturday. We ventured out into the Gulf for family fun and a mess of snapper for dinner. The waters were beautiful and it’s always great to have three generations enjoying time together! We even went to the End Zone for a fresh fish dinner and it was delightful.

          Sunday Dr. Adams wife Dayla, daughter Olivia, and son Evan meet me at Stump Pass Marina for a half day trip. It was cool but beautiful at ten as we headed out. Lower Lemon Bay was unusually quiet so we continued north until we found a pod of dolphin playing. We observed the dolphin for a few minutes and then stumbled upon a few fish to play with. The youngsters were very patient and worked hard to catch their redfish. It was not fast action but we got seven reds and a trout from the area. Dayla allowed everyone else fish most of the time but she is not one to be left out! She lost a big redfish and was ready to show her family she was a contender. I handed her the first rod at the next spot and she landed a twenty inch trout right away! Lady luck and a few blessings from above put a big smile on everyone’s faces! We caught a dozen smaller trout and started working back south. While we only had two double headers the bite was steady most of the time. The osprey and shore birds were abundant keeping us entertained between bites. We capped off the trip with a tasty lunch at the Stump Pass Grille.

          With local waters cooling off we can expect trout and red fishing to improve; especially in fair weather. Some of our best catches are just before the cold fronts blow in on that south wind ahead of the shift. The sheepshead bite will improve; they can be challenging to catch but tasty. Pompano could still “make our day” as Clint would to say. Flounder are frequent visitors to our coolers these days. The usual mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish and more also help keep rids bent and us smiling! We might even be able to get a few oysters soon?

          The holidays are about to catch up with us so figure out how to make time for your family and friends. Fishing trips make a great Christmas present and it is a way to share time together. It’s time to tie down dates for Holliday fishing adventures; some folks are locking up snook and tarpon dates for spring already!

          The holidays help remind us of what is important; so thank you all for your support and please make time to share with family and friends. Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <>


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