Reflections and options for Venice fishing.

Venice to Boca Grande fishing is awsome now!
October 19, 2012
Venice offers good action in fair weather enjoy Thanksgiving.
November 12, 2012
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Reflections and options for Venice fishing.

October 30, 2012 fishing blog by Captain Van Hubbard

 It was time for a break from fishing to visit family.

       These are turbulent times and things were a mess here so a family reunion in the mountains seamed like a great idea.  The election mess dominated the news and was annoying so it was great to get away from the TV. I knew we had a powerful storm brewing and home was safe but not boating weather so I packed up and headed north to the mountains. I am staggered by the devastation in our Northeastern areas and hope they recover soon. We all think we understand the risk living on or near the sea coasts but this is a vivid wake up call.  If you can help in any way please do!

          My brother joined me and we spent a beautiful day picnicking on Mt Mitchell in North Carolina with my Uncle’s family. It was wonderful to spend a day with cousins and their kids. We all brought a dish, I brought fish spread and they loved it, and ate all we could before heading back down the mountain ahead of the storms. Saturday was in the sixties and by Monday morning they were covered in snow on the same mountains.  The original plan was to spend a couple of days trout fishing in the streams but wind and cold blew that away. While it was time to head home early for us; a major portion of our country got hammered by a “perfect” storm and it hit hard. I am thankful that we listen to the weather forecasts and traveled down from the elevation ahead of the ice and even snow. We spent Monday at the Georgia Aquarium and it is worth your time if you’re up around Atlanta. It’s only minutes off the interstate and has a world class operation to enjoy; whale sharks, manta rays, sharks, plus so much more in multiple tanks and exhibits to enjoy. The staff is helpful and friendly just like our own Mote facility in Sarasota.

          Obviously our Venice fishing will be different now that it’s cooled off some. The transition is in progress from summer to winter. Baitfish should remain far awhile if it warms up as expected. The other water issues are probable blown away by the storms but only time will tell.  But the best news is that trout have been abundant around Boce Grande and are open year round now! This weather is perfect to bunch specks up in the deeper areas and offer excellent catches of good eating fish. Redfish bite better now also. We may want to use more artificials now but if baitfish are around we’ll fish with them; lures by God are my first choice. Fish feed aggressively now because they know food will be scarce when it gets cold.

          Outside fishing will depend on the weather and we’ll make the best of what we have. Gag grouper are closed now but mackerel should be abundant off Venice Beaches, awhile longer if winds allow us to get at em? Have faith and make the best of our opportunities. The world is going crazy so let’s be thankful for whatever we do have. While sad for friends that are suffering up north; be glad to live here in paradise.  Take advantage of any break we get; it will get colder soon. Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard.  <>


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