Fishing is good!

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September 20, 2012
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October 8, 2012
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Fishing is good!

9-26-12 Blog Lots of mackerel from Venice to Boca Grande now!

I am fishing some as well as getting things together with boat shows and a new engine. Life keeps us busy and I’m grateful. I have taken some time to enjoy a couple of beautiful sunsets and sun rises this past week, awesome moments of bright colors of blue and red in soft golden light!

Got out into the near shore Gulf off of Englewood this past Tuesday and was covered up in Spanish Mackerel and little tunny. We also encountered some small sharks while trolling for king mackerel with blue runners.  Could not believe all the activity early but things slowed down as the day progressed.

We came in, cleaned fish and the boat. Fired up the smoker, added some mackerel and mullet for home made fish dip while I broiled some filets for lunch as the smoker cooked. Attempting to multitask is hard for some of us guys. Tunnel vision is more of my thing.

Next we emptied out the guide boat for new motor installation. Prepared Baby Blue, my other Dorado for old 150 and then delivered both to start transfer. I anticipate the new Evinrude E-Tec installation next week and am very excited to get it out ASAP for some fall fishing.

I expect to enjoy some hot action out side with Spanish and king mackerel; that is if our weather cooperates. If not I know the snook, trout, and reds are available inside and bait is plentiful for now. Pompano are rumored to be around, not able to connect with any myself yet; but I’ve only had little time to try!  I’m looking forward to broiled pompano soon as I get my new motor to cruise faster and more economically! Range is important with migratory species! Cost critical these days; the E-Tec is supposed too have much better mileage I’ll let ya know when I can!

Lots of things going on with fishery management issues; most very positive. Our Florida Fish and Wildlife staff are working on many ideas. Primarily they are figuring out definitions for sport and gamefish which should have a positive impact on our tarpon harassment challenges. It could affect several other species and I am preparing to be talking with them about that tomorrow. I attempt to stay active while proposals are in the formation processes because it’s much more practical to influence ideas in consideration than to change concepts after they are defined. They are attempting to get stakeholder input so speak up and make positive suggestions, please!

I’m off to the Tampa Boat Show Friday and Saturday so please come by the Suncoast Marine booth and visit. You just might be ready for a new E-Tec too; I’m over the 100 hour maintenance costs and down time! I’ll be glad to answer your fishing questions or just some time to chat and visit! Thank you. Captain Van Hubbard. <>

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