Enjoy good fishing now.

Still tarpon from Venice to Boca Grande.
July 23, 2012
Mackerel show up at Venice Beach.
August 19, 2012
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Enjoy good fishing now.

Fishing is fine around Boca Grande, I’ve just been busy after em.  2012-8-12

I’ve been all over boating from Venice north to Boca Grande on the south end and even off shore recently.

Our summer fishing can be challenging especially with last weeks slow tide flow days. On the quarter moons we only have one high and one low tide and our flows dies for hours in between. On big New and Full moons we enjoy two highs and lows for more active flow and fishing. I expect better catching this week.

We have enjoyed some good action on snook, trout, and mackerel. The snook are not easy like last month but still abundant and it’s easier to catch some fish because they are scattered around more. The bunches of fish are nice when we can stumble into them; fish are just not always together.

Trout are abundant and our first choice for fresh fish dinner now. We have plenty of baitfish minnows they are just very small. Specks are scattered from the Gulf Passes back to the creek mouths. Very early action can be found in shallow flats but as the sun elevates try deeper waters. Always work grassy edges or current eddies with baitfish activity for best results. Move away from tiny trout to catch bigger fish!

Spanish Mackerel are scattered but available. We find them in and out side, especially near our Gulf Passes. Cast net plenty of the tiny minnows and use some for chum. The frozen bags of ground up menhaden are a proven fish attractant. Carry several bags because our hot waters burn thru them rapidly. Also remember plenty of ice for fresh fish dinners; macks are great if you maintain their fresh quality with ice! We use fluorocarbon leaders 30 – 40 pound test and longer shank hooks to minumize frequent bite offs. Beware of sharp teeth!

Reds have been harder to catch but are due to bunch up any time. Those herds of bull reds are ready to start moving Gulf ward soon.  The maturing adults leave our bays to join up with the adult breeding stocks in Gulf waters. It’s time to ease around the deeper edges on low tides looking for surface disturbances to indicate fish schools. If you blast around at high speeds you’ll only see scared running fish! Lures like the Top Dog Mirrolure work great here, I even remove the middle hook so it holds less grass. You’ll enjoy the reds crashing your lure trying to get caught. Pinfish and minnows are great also.

Tarpon are still around just not dependable. We found plenty of silver kings last week but they were not aggressive on the slow tide trips. BaitBusters are god lure choices now. Minnows are fine but catfish are thick and hungry!

I did slip out with friends to try some grouper action while it’s open. We caught dinner but the bite was slow and we worked for our great meals. We enjoyed the beautiful waters and even saw plenty of flying fish along the weed lines just no colorful dorado to add their rainbows to our fishbox.

We have fish and are enjoying our times on the water. Fishing is fine and it’s not crowded now. Waters are brighter up towards Venice and darker south by Boca Grande because of the river’s rain runoff. Just get out early and have fun! Let’s Go Fishin’ soon, Captain Van Hubbard www.captvan.com. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Van

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