Venice to Boca Grande fishing improves with weather.

rains dampen catching but bright skies mean hot fishing.
June 29, 2012
Tackle industy optimistic after record breaking attendance at ICAST Show.
July 15, 2012
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Venice to Boca Grande fishing improves with weather.

Fishin’ report for 2012-7-9 by Captain Van Hubbard.

 It’s been beautiful weather and fishing is trying to get back to normal; finally. We have tarpon and snook for gamefish action again. Our waters are not too clear and not dirty at all in fact just right.  We have some redfish and trout in side for fun and food. The snapper and some Spanish Mackerel are around if you can take the heat. Barracuda, and a few snapper and maybe a grouper can be caught on the near shore reefs on the calmer days. Baitfish are still challenging. The tiny minnows are showing up but very small! We did find a nice school of threadfins today but it was on our way home after running all the way to Boca Grande Pass.

Fishing is fine if you are patient and can take the heat. While I talk about heat it’s been cooler here in Southwest Florida than most of the rest of the US of A. the crowds are gone and we saw plenty of tarpon around Boca Grande this morning. We did get two bites on crabs but no hook ups this time. The fish are happy we got in close enough to enjoy their beauty! We saw big fish and plenty of leisurely rolling tarpon teasers but they slowed down as the sun got hot and we left them for the refreshing breeze of a boat ride. It was a kids trip and they had fun even thou we didn’t catch the big ones today; as we told them “that’s why we call it fishing, not catching”.

I found a few snook recently not as big as last month right now but big enough to pull the drags and put a smile on your faces. Minnows can be a challenge as I said before.

The tiny minnows are ok for trout, snapper and mackerel. We can get a few smaller pinfish for the redfish. Lemon Bay and Charlotte Harbor waters are back to normal summer conditions; greener waters near the passes on the stronger incoming tides and darker brackish colors as it ebbs out.

I’ve stayed busy catching up at home, plenty of projects and resting when I can. Off to the ICAST Show in Orlando for a few days this week and then to the East Coast to look around for the weekend. Life is good, I’m healthy and thankful! Let’s Go Fishin’ when you can? Captain Van Hubbard

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