rains dampen catching but bright skies mean hot fishing.

Our improved Venice and Boca Grande weather inspires the fish bite.
June 14, 2012
Venice to Boca Grande fishing improves with weather.
July 9, 2012
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rains dampen catching but bright skies mean hot fishing.

2012 June 25 web report by Captain Van Hubbard


Weather controls our angling efforts.


We continue to deal with unusual weather conditions this Summer. Here are some ideas to make the best of things. First and foremost we needed these rains to replenish our freshwater and drinking water systems. It’s frustrating if it hit your vacation times but maybe a trip to Mote’s Marine facility in Sarasota will help entertain you; you might even learn something useful about fish also.  The freshwater runoff will mess up our fishing temporarily but benefit in the long run. Lots of fish and baitfish will be moving from the creeks as well as rivers to seek higher salinities.

It’s hard to guess where to start when we do get back on the out because fresh water will blanket Lemon Bay and Charlotte Harbor.  This will mean we can’t see into the waters as well. The darker tannin brackish waters will be with us at least until the big moon tides next week.  Fish will be challenging to locate but many are concentrated so it’s hot action when we get dialed in.

This should help our snook, redfish and trout action by pushing fish towards the saltier Gulf passes and inlets. Baitfish were already hard to find and will be harder in the darker waters. Look for the birds to help when they are present. Fish like trout and mackerel will follow the food also. Those rattle corks are great now. Pinfish can bail out the minnow situation! Snook are going to remain closed this year and next Spring; catch and release only.

I expect to start catching more snapper and mackerel as the smaller minnows start to move inshore to grow up. Shrimp can produce here if you can get them; they’ll be small. Light rigs for snapper and heaver leaders for the toothy Spanish. Both are great eating, with liberal bag limits. Venice hard bottom and Boca Grande Pass holes should be great.

Gag grouper opens Sunday and we could find a few near shore but we’ll need to invest some time to locate fish after his windy week.  I never know what to expect on the reefs now. Barracuda are an option fun, fast and ferocious! Sharks can keep excitement levels at peak also.

Tarpon are my target tomorrow and I figure it to be lots of fish or very hard to find em. we’ll run towards Venice then back to Boca Grande Pass looking. The big Full moon on the Forth of July will tell the story for our remaining tarpon bite.  I have enjoyed our best catching in July recently because all the company in gone we just have to look more and be patient.

The storm was a good wake up call to get prepared for a real storm! Be thankful that we were spared the really hard winds and tides. Remember to give thanks for our freedoms and God Bless America especially on our Forth of July celebrations!   Let’s go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <www.captvan.com>

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