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Some cooler weather but Venice fishing is good.
February 9, 2012
Venice and Englewood invite you to share our great fishing.
March 7, 2012
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We are still enjoying great weather and good fishing.

 I’m sorry it’s been longer than usual between fishing reports but I’ve been busy fishing instead or writing. The Spring migration has not reached Boca Grande yet but I expect to see baitfish schools this week if our weather stays as predicted. The large schools of food are followed by the feeding mackerel, sharks, and it won’t be long before tarpon are here. Inside action is already improving every week. We are doing well on trout and pompano now with sheepshead and whiting if you want to pursue em. Redfish and snook are available but minnows have been around but are not dependable so far.

Most recent trips have been for the trout and pompano action. We have had some outstanding catches. Tuesday’s trip was an anniversary gift from wife Betty and Joe and his friends got off to an early start. We fished Lemon Bay awhile but only found smaller trout and got teased by a few pompano so we headed south to Charlotte Harbor. We had all day and wanted to see what we were missing down there. it was challenging to get bigger fish but plenty of smaller ones at first. The Joe got two very larger pompano of four and five pounds! We also got a few nice trout and a big bluefish so our goal of fresh fish dinner for everyone was accomplished. We had a ball and everyone was happy with the day.

Wednesday I had two brothers and their sons. I plan on more here when they forward the photos but we caught a fine mess of six pompano for dinner and lots of trout plus a few ladyfish for fun. I must point out that these guys were great; they were all excited but so much fun to share a day fishing with.

Our fishing future is very bright. Baitfish schools have teased us in the near shore Gulf every time the conditions were right. I know we will have hot migratory action before the next Full Moon in les than two weeks. Expect all the fish to turn on and most other anglers will not be ready. This means we have fish with fewer others to share catching with. We will enjoy some great kingfish and mackerel fishing from Boca Grande to Venice in March! Snook, redfish and trout action will be cooking any day! We already are enjoying some hot pompano bites and it will just get better for the next couple of months for all these fish. Tarpon are not far off if it stays this warm. I’m sorry but it’s time to get the boat ready and Let’s Go Fishin’, now! Thank you for your interest, it’s time to get your reservation or miss the boat! Captain Van Hubbard <>

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