I am thankful to be alive and heatlhy!

Fishing is fine and will get even better soon.
August 18, 2011
Venice Fishing heats up now!
September 25, 2011
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I am thankful to be alive and heatlhy!

Labor Day weekend and life is good.

 I am hearing about good fishing but have not been out for a while. I’m sure we can find some action if your interested. Spanish Mackerel are abundant now around Boca Grande Pass and will improve until Thanksgiving. The big king mackerel will be off of Venice soon. I hear rumors of pompano at the Venice Pier but need your company to motivate me to go chase them. Trout and redfish are fine here around Englewood and we could even stumble into a big school of redfish. Snook are available but we can only catch and release them. Gag grouper opens the sixteenth and that is a big bright spot; just don’t procrastinate it closes mid November. Cobia, cuda, sharks, and more are on the reefs so we can get and keep a nice mess of fish plus have fun by mid month.  So far we are lucky on the weather but my guess is that all the press about hurricanes is scaring folks away from the water. Plus kids are back in school. This is a great time to enjoy Florida fishin’ fun without crowds!

 Business was slow so I decided to go visit friends on the Nature Coast last week. It was nice to poke around in very different habitats. They are short on mangroves but plenty of fish, plus scallops. I saw miles of grass shorelines that are awesome with very few man made structures. Some areas were totally natural as far as I could see; no structures at all! That’s special in coastal Florida these days. It was fun to hang around in an old Florida environment. I went into the woods and even spent two days helping a commercial crabber friend pull traps. My grandfather used to take me crabbing so this was a real treat. It reminded me of many wonderful memories we shared. I even got some soft shell blue crabs to bring home and eat. I am home for the weekend and am not sure what happens next. Make me an offer I can’t refuse and I could spend some time with you? Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard

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