Tarpon are arriving near Boca Grande and Venice.

Venice fishing is as good as the weather!
April 3, 2011
Boca Grande and Venice have tarpon action!
April 30, 2011
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Tarpon are arriving near Boca Grande and Venice.

2011-4-15 web report

While not easy we do have big tarpon and much more now!

 Tim Moore a hard working Ford Motor company worker wanted a big tarpon for his “bucket list”. It took a long boat ride and some luck but we found big tarpon and fulfilled his dream on April the fourteenth. We looked down the Gulf Beaches where I keep hearing about fish but just saw beautiful water. We carefully explored a very quiet Boca Grande Pass, but even though I have seen schools of tarpon several times recently none yesterday. Next we looked around Captiva Pass again no silver kings. So we traveled back into Pine Island Sound and found a few big tarpon. 

After almost an hour of stalking we got a good shot at a few rolling fish. We tossed some silver mullet out in front of the fish and waited. Tim was jolted from his day dream by his dream fish. He held on a set the hook to be awed by the giant silver explosion that erupted boatside. It was impressive she jumped five times and he bowed the rod perfectly. We had our hands full as she raced around the boat. I used the electric motor to ease us quietly around because we did not want to disturb the fish for our fly fishing neighbor. They even thanked us for the aerial show Tim’s tarpon provided. We were able to subdue his trophy and get some great photos. Check out this one and other shots coming soon on the photo page. It was special to get our first big one of the season but even better to share this experience with an annual visitor that wanted this for years.

We were prepared, we were persistent, we had to patient and we were lucky; thanks “Big Guy”.

I do expect a lot more tarpon and other fish to move in on this Full Moon weekend. Winds have hampered some trips but we still have inside fishing if it’s blowing. It’s nice to be able to take advantage of calm days outside or duck into Charlotte Harbor and Lemon Bay if necessary. Mackerel are around and bite like crazy some days; like Tuesday morning. Sharks bail us out if macks are shy. They will just get bigger as tarpon move in. I still feel we have some good king mackerel action to come; I hear of good catches out a few miles off of Venice when it’s calm. Pompano are inconsistent but we have enjoyed some good catches. Trout and reds available if you are patient; ladyfish and jacks help fill the impatient times.

Spring is here and our Venice to Boca Grande fishing is warming up with the weather. Find time to share with family our friends on the water before it gets hot down here. Let’s Go Fishin’ now! Captain Van Hubbard <www.captvan.com>

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