Englewood has more fish than fishermen.

Englewood fishing and fireworks are great.
July 6, 2010
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August 4, 2010
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Englewood has more fish than fishermen.


Catching some fish around Englewood and catching up on projects.

 Charters have slowed down but fishing is still been good.  I enjoy the time to catch up on boat and tackle maintenance also I look forward to the days on the water fishing.  I even got a few projects done at home.  I am thinking about sneaking off to the Nature Coast for some fresh scallops or maybe the Keys for crawfish season; if I get enough days off in a row. It is so nice to have all these choices.

 Tarpon are still available we got a few last week.  The tides were strong and I went down to Boca Grande Pass since the crowds have mostly moved out; it’s fun to fish the Pass, again.  We fished crabs successfully but one of the traditional boats did much better with squirrelfish on this day.  With crabs floating everywhere it was unusual but I saw a big difference in bites with fish on that trip.  Some tarpon are still cruising the beaches but not dependable.  We have fish up inside the Harbor and it gets as hot as the weather some days.  Fish here range from smaller to giants and everything in between. The strong east winds have kept us out of the open waters for over a week.  Take advantage of the fair days and enjoy the action.

 Snook are looking good. We are not hammering them just catching a few to stay on top of their movements. I expect the season to open as scheduled on the First of September;

giant snook are still here!

but the state “experts” are still not sure what they are going to do?  It’s past time to let us know! We defiantly have enough slot snook for a good season with plenty of big females to maintain stocks.  Venice and Englewood both have plenty of snook!

 Redfish are scattered up and down the waterways so far but available if you have some patience.  Most are slot sized but a few larger ones too.  Pinfish make good baits because the minnows are too small or large.  Cut baits work if you don’t mind the catfish.

 Trout are still putting the filets in the pan.  We have some smaller ones right now but a few nice ones too. The minnows are fine for trout and small pinfish get the bigger ones.  Soft plastics are great if you like lures.  Top water lures will pull up some fine fish if it’s not too rough.  Floating grass can be challenging on afternoons because of boat traffic.

 Snapper are due but not right yet, at least for anyone I’ve talked to. Spanish are here and have been hot frequently. Fish clean water and flowing currents.  Use lots of those smaller minnows; carry extra hooks and a lot of ice. 

 It sure has been nice having a new four stroke behind me this season.  My refinish job has help up and looks fine.  No oil and they have it stopped right now; so life is great.  We are due some rain but we need it. I’m looking forward to fishing the next three days weather permitting. Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard.   <  www.captvan.com >

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