Enjoy Thanksgiving and great fishing.

Boca Grande enjoys hot mackerel bite!
November 2, 2009
Merry Christmas
December 23, 2009
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Enjoy Thanksgiving and great fishing.

Fishing report for 11-21-09

Weather and fishing are great, enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving.

We have enjoyed a beautiful Fall so far with little foul weather. This has provided us with great fishing. I have stayed busy chasing Spanish and king mackerel for the last month. We are also catching a few tripletail and cobia along with too many little tunny. Sharks are here and a few smaller ones are fun but some days we are annoyed by too many and too big. I hear about a few pompano but no first hand sighting yet. Snook closes soon but redfish will keep us busy inside if winds kick up.

We have trolled some spoons and done well; but mostly fishing live minnows for the mackerel. Minnows are usually abundant, except on the cool windy mornings. Smaller minnows catch both macks but I do prefer the bigger baits for bigger kings. Fish have been in close sometimes and out to forty feet as waters were stirred up after fronts. Action is not always hot but usually consistent and plenty for charters. Cobia pop up frequently and add to the variety. We are not able to find many tripletails but one or two for treats. Sharks and little tunny keep us going with awesome power and screaming runs. Mostly lemons and black tips; we did see one large hammerhead. With twenty to thirty pound spinning gear this is exciting and does require that you learn to listen for the drag slippage. It’s so easy to get lost in the action and spin even braided lines up if you try to crank em up. Just easy em our way and take up the line with the reel as you slowly bow the rod forward. Don’t fight your gear, carefully subdue the fish and have fun. Macks will stay until our waters get too cold.

A few pompano have been spotted but no consistency at all yet. I am optimistic and they should come in here when we get some cold weather.

Snook are open till the First of December and then it’s time to try redfish. We can soak live baits or pursue em with lures and spoons. Some days we mix it up. Reds can be challenging as waters clear up but they are fun and we do have fish.

Please enjoy this Thanksgiving Holliday and as you know Christmas is just around the corner. Hope to see, or talk to you over the holidays.

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