Fishing improving around Boca Grande.

October 1, 2009 fishing report from Captain Van Hubbard. <br />
<br />
Fall weather and migratory fish are biting.<br />
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We caught lots of Spanish and king mackerel the last few days. They are not as consistent as I like but have not let us down completely so far. Tuesday morning they chewed before the tide went slack and it got to rough. We caught some nice kings that averaged ten pound each. The Spanish we large and most were two to three pounds. Live minnows have been hot when we can get them. Spoons did produce some nice fish when minnows were scarce. Minnows are abundant most of the time but the cooler weather will change things today. Many are still tiny but some choice big minnows are around. Wednesday the bite was slower with cooler temps early.<br />
<br />
I am fishing from Venice on the north to Boca Grande south in about twenty feet of water. We saw tarpon yesterday and last week also. Some days we see lots of bird activity one day and none the next. Fish are moving south constantly. We are not finding them in the same area two days in a row. <br />
<br />
There are some reds and snook around and I expect them to turn on now that it is cooling off. The tournament pressure is unbelievable here; two, three, or four events every weekend around Charlotte Harbor. Most are very aggressive fisherman and race all over scaring fish as they zoom around keeping reds scared. I do expect to see some hot trout fishing if this front drops the water temps any. Look around the pot holes and deeper grass edges. <br />
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Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <><br />

Captain Van Hubbard

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