Great weather, good fishing, and a Super Bowl; what a place to live and play

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We are enjoying a warm period and even though it was cold last week temps are approaching eighty tomorrow. We fished Friday and found fish but they were still too cold to feed normally. We saw lots of trout, redfish, sheepshead, and ladyfish. We tried live shrimp and soft plastic jigs and did manage to coax some smaller trout to cooperate on our last stop but the bite was off. Water temps were down in the low sixties and the fish were in shock. I have not been out the last two days but it will improve as things warm up.<br />
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We looked briefly for some cobia and tripletail on Saturday. It was a cool night and warmed up as we went out at ten AM. We frequently find them in these conditions but not this time. We looked for less than an hour and headed back inside. The weather was so nice the boats we everywhere, so we went in and took our nephew to the movies. He had fun and we’ll try again soon. <br />
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Waters are very clear on calmer days and fish are spooky. Long cast and stealth approaches will catch quality fish. We need to be extra careful as even rocking the boat as we cast sends out shock waves that send fish running away from us. Then we must sit still and let em settle before trying again. Sometimes we can sit at anchor with live baits and patiently wait out cruising fish. One of us frequently casts while we soak the baits to cover all the bases. We do have some nice trout and reds teasing us every trip. I saw a nice school of over sized reds on our way out Saturday but a seven year old can not sit that still long enough. Sheepshead should be getting together any time and a few mackerel are already showing up outside. Spring may not be far off and it’s time to line up those kingfish, snook, and tarpon trips now! <br />
Let’s Go Fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard <><br />

Captain Van Hubbard

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