It’s time to enjoy our great Fall fishing Our oooaction.

Our weather is beginning to cool off every so slightly. The days are shorter and animals know the season is changing. Boca Grande and Venice Beaches are actually quiet right now. Business are glad to see visitors now. We will see more baitfish moving into our waters accompanied by hungry schools of mackerel and much more. sharks, cobia, even tarpon will migrate into and through our area for the next two months. We can expect good action until weather gets down right cold.

Inside action is already improving. We actually have too many baitfish right now.  Most are very small but schools of minnow are everywhere. It’s a mix of several types of minnows and pinfish. Set up and chum most anywhere to fill your well. Just be sure you use a 1/4 inch mesh net! As soon as these minnows start to grow up and move around catching will improve.

Snook, reds, and trout are okay now and improving. Charlotte Harbor and Lemon Bay are just filled up on abundant minnows right now. Things will improve dramatically as soon as waters cools off a little more. Water temps are already starting to cool down. Our days are noticeably shorter and it wont be long before everything lights up. We have enjoyed some awesome sunsets at Englewood Beach recently.

I almost got the 23 Dorado ready for a new owner she is looking and running great. My new rig is longer and wider for mush more room to accommodate families or two couples. I will miss my Dorado but it’s time to move on.

Don’t procrastinate if you have a specific date you needed to accommodate your group; it’s first come first served for reservations. Weekends fill up first now. If you want action and a mess of tasty fish don’t miss the fall Mack Attack. Remember that you can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishing. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard

Time out for maintinance but ready to roll for September snook action.

The new rig is ready to fish but I’m customizing her as fast as possible. Also I’m looking for a name? Your ideas are welcome. I need to include some personal maintenance too; my skin and eyes need some procedures so I can be ready. 40 years of fishing require me to fix this not as young body once in a awhile.

Snook season opens on 1 September and we expect good action from Boca Grande to Venice Beaches. Redfish are bunching up plus trout get hungry now too. inside action picks up as Fall approaches SouthWest Florida.

The 300 hp, Yamaha is the perfect power for this larger platform. we can cruise comfortably at 25 MPH on about 2 MPG with passengers. I’m very excited about the up coming Fall fishing opportunities, especially our mackerel migrations. Both Spanish and kings are due to move in next month and light up our catching. Both are tasty when handled properly and I’m glad to share recipes. Sharks, cobia, and many other opportunities are available with these impressive fish migrations. If you want action don’t miss the October and early November  excitement. We frequently stumble into hungry Tarpon cruising from Venice to Boca Grande looking for mackerel. While we Home Port in Englewood, we do fish up or down our coastal waters.

The family trips are my favorite because the kids are so interesting.  Their smiles brighten up our lives and create wonderful  memories we all take home. Nothing compares to a child’s big smile!

Thank you all for your support and I’ll be ready to go for September. Remember that, “you can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishin’”. Captain Van Hubbard

Tarpon and snook like this hot weather.

This is the time to start out early and enjoy some good fishing before it gets hot. most days we do get a nice breeze to help out and the shade from the T-Top helps too. I’m upgrading to a new rig; they are installing a powerful 300 Yamaha on her at Cannon’s Marine as we speak. It’s not a new boat but much roomier; she is 25 feet long and 9.5 wide. Room to move around and a more stable platform to fish from. The plan is to enjoy more action in the near shore Gulf waters, especially in Spring and fall. I’m looking forward to some awesome Spanish and king mackerel action this Fall.

Right now I’m still fishing the trusty 23 Dorado but she is for sale if you want a great 2 or 3 person rig it’s perfect.  The tarpon bite has been sporadic but very good most days. the schools are scattered from Boca Grande South to Venice on the North. We have tackled some big silver kings and had a lot of fun stalking the schools. Our waters are beautiful and clear so you can watch the fish. Crabs have been or best baits but minnows are hot sometimes. Tarpon will remain available for the next couple of months.

Snook are starting to show up and we have gotten some nice 40+ inch trophies last week. Fish are up and down the Gulf Beaches from Boca Grande to Venice and the passes too. Minnows are smaller now. We have to invest some time catching a few bigger ones but it’s worth the efforts. Snook are Catch and Release but tons of fun on light gear. we get to sight fish most trips.

It’s family time and many of my trips are entertaining the kids while down for vacation. These are fun because the kids get to experience so many new and different creatures on our adventures.

Please enjoy your Forth of July Holiday safely and don’t wait too long to make your fishing reservations; it is a busy year. Thank you all for your support this is a great year and I’m excited about the new rig.

Let’s go fishin’ now!

April, 10, 2015

Busy time but awesome fishing. Our waters are crystal clear and fish are biting. We are catching all the king mackerel we want to and it is exciting action. It’s so awesome to hear them scream line of my Cabo 40s. They bend our poles and put big smiles on client’s faces. There are a few cobia and permit available too. Outside action is hot.

Inside action is fine but there is a lot of folks fishing Charlotte Harbor and Lemon Bay right now. I’m staying outside when I can. The trout action is good with some nice fish and a few fat Spanish mackerel mixed in too. Baitfish are here; but the gumbo, messy grass is a nightmare.

Some tarpon have cruised through but nothing steady yet. Some good action if you time it right. I’m busy and thankful. Don’t procrastinate or I’ll be glad to hook you up with a qualified friend. Thank you. Captain Van

Great weather and fishing is awesome!

April 1, 2015. It’s the busiest year I’ve ever seen we have been discovered and it wonderful to be able to share a day on our waters with visitors. The catches are varied as are the trips. we have had some big king mackerel lots of smaller Spanish when we find them. There are a lot of boats in the back country but we did enjoy a red hot snook bite last Friday; it is not dependable but do enjoy some good days.

The family trips are fun and  productive. We catch whatever is biting and let the youngsters enjoy their special day. We catch mackerel, snapper, trout, and fun fish with a few pompano for dinner. the smiles are priceless don’t forget the cameras. Please get your reservations ASAP or I can help you find a friend qualified to help you enjoy our Boca Grande to Venice fishing. PS a few tarpon are already showing up south of us; they will be here soon. Got to go the fish are biting! Captain Van


Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
Placida, FL 33946



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