Let’s go fishin’.

It was wonderful to get away for a few days but I’m glad to be back home.

          The Florida Keys are a great place to visit but too crowded for me. I’m happy to call my Venice to Boca Grande stomping ground home. It sounds like I missed some rain and that there are still plenty of fish around to play with when you are ready. School starts locally next Monday so get the kids out now if you can. I enjoy the family trips but with school starting there will be even less boaters next week. It’s hot so I recommend early trips.

          Our waters are still clear mostly and fish are abundant. This bright moon is waning now so I expect even better action as it gets darker next week. We still have snapper and trout to eat. Spanish should show up very soon. Tarpon are around if you have the patience to hunt them down. Snook are fun for catch and release plus some redfish are showing up. Outside we still have the barracudas and other species depending on winds.

          Let’s go fishin’ soon. I’m ready. Captain Van Hubbard.

Thank you all for great season I’m taking a week off to catch up.

This has been a productive and busy year so far and I’m thankful but beat. I need to do some boat catch up and so I’m down from 1 August till 11  August for R&R. This West wind has kept us inside and therains come at any time so Mother Nature is making this easy. My best guess is an early Fall so don’t wait too long to make Septenber and October reservations. We can expect to enjoy even better fishing action as things begine to cool off. I’ll be busy most of November if things work out as I plan. I’ll be back up and going strong mid-month after a short brerak, thank you all. Captain Van Hubbard

Some tarpon still around Boca Grande and snook along the Venice Beaches.

Our fishing has been good when weather has allowed us out. we endured rain and hig winds several day but I made the best of it. I spent Wednesday in Orlando at the ICAST tackle convention. it was impressive lots of new gear and all the big names were in attendance. I even shook hands and spoke with our Govenor Rick Scott briefly.

There were way too many things to share the exsperience with you but it was very educational for me and I’ll have some neat new tools to share with you on our fishing trips. the most important point I’d like to share is that our fishing industry is growing and going strog right now!

We are enjoying great action trips near shore right now catching snapper, some grouper, barracda, little tunny and seeing a few permit and king mackerel. inside the snook are active and a few redfish are around also finally. trout are fine just smaller and perfict for the famly trips with the kids. Some jacks, ladyfish, flounder and all are adding excitement too.

We still have tarpon if you don’t mind looking around for them. It is not crowded and fun to poke around exploreing. Lots of manatees and dolphin for your entertainment also. Fishing is fine from Boca grande to Venice right now. Come on down and give it a try soon. Let’s go fishin’ now! Captain Van Hubbard


It’s time to take your children fishing!

          We have several options available for good Summer fishing. Tarpon, the majestic silver kings, are still bunched up along our Gulf Beaches from Venice into Boca Grande Pass and up into Charlotte Harbor. We carry small live blue crabs for bait whenever we can get them. Pinfish and other bait minnows are good also. This time of year we also carry a few artificials to be sure we are always ready for action. You can actually see to cast at the giant fish you are seeking. I’ll promise you’ll never forget the mighty silver king adventure. Most grown men get buck fever and freeze up as the adrenalin jolts your reality; your brain will retain the experience but your hands are out of control. These are truly unforgettable memories. I still get excited every time your silver king soars against the blue skies above our beautiful Gulf waters. Be sure to bring a camera or videotape.

          Snook, those larger trophy tackle testers are available now also. Minnows are our first choice as baits. We can usually cast net or Sabiki a few for the trip. Pinfish and other minnows also produce and can be caught easier most days. We utilize a few lures here but prefer “lures by God” or natural baits if possible. Fly fishing can produce some hot action now if you’re looking for fun. Some tides are better but we can almost always catch a few even under challenging conditions. Forty years of snook guiding experience and quality gear enhances our odds. This fishing frequently allows us to see the trophy snook we are targeting! We even get to observe the bite often! We caught a dozen snook from thirty to over forty inches Saturday the twenty-eighth of June with Amy, Brian, and Tom.

          Children’s trips work well now with them out of school. We can find something to catch, bending their rods adding smiles to their beautiful faces. It’s hot by mid day, welcome to Southwest Florida in Summer. We just work around the heat of the day by starting out early. The 23 Dorado does have some shade, charters are family fun; we can select a quiet white sand beach to hop out and cool off in the beautiful Gulf waters if you desire. This is your trip; let me know what you want and I’ll try to please. Your recommendations are the best advertising money can’t buy. We observe dolphin, manatees, and much more besides fish; many fun family memories to cherish forever.

          I want to thank everyone for using my services and sharing time on our beautiful Venice to Boca Grande, Florida waters. It has been wonderful. Our baitfish situation has been inconsistent so far, but it’s improving. We do have abundant tiny minnows that are growing up rapidly. In the mean time threadfins have been a back up most days. So I’m left with making a tough decision; live minnow trips are on hold as minnows grow up. Reality is we can usually enjoy good tarpon action for the next month or more. If we can catch any minnows large enough to fish with then we can catch and release a few trophy snook. We can fish shrimp or tiny minnows for snapper or trout and anything else that bites for us. We can even try trolling state waters for a few gag grouper if your game, they open up the First of July. I’ll do whatever I can to help share a memorable day on our local waters. Thank you, let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard. Check out web site at www.captvan.com for more info and bookings you can call me at 941-468-4017.

Summertime fishing is fine from Venice to Boca Grande now; come try it.

Venice to Boca Grande has enjoyed good fishing and it will improve with our New Moon this week.

          Tarpon are still a primary target species for the next month or two. We will have silver kings off and on into September. This week was challenging because we endured West winds that hamper our comfort in the near shore Gulf waters.  As soon as we get back to normal morning Southeast winds catching will improve. Crabs are our best baits early and threadfins are good if we can catch some after sunup. I believe Boca Grande tarpon action will improve after the Forth Weekend. Venice Beach fishing depends upon their migrations to and from Boca.

          Snook action has been sporadic but mostly because minnows are tough to catch. We do have a influx of smaller baitfish that are growing up fast to help here.  Most of the fish are catching are large trophy fish from 30 – 40 inches and longer. Lots of fun on lighter spinning gear. Normal wind patterns will help us here also because we frequently fish these out in the Gulf now also from Englewood to Venice Beach.

          Snapper are abundant in our Passes and near shore reefs. They are smaller but great eating. Barracuda are also on the reef systems. Some Spanish and a few kings still hang around if we are lucky.

          Redfish and trout are available and picking up a few with the smaller minnows.

I hope your Summer is going well it’s great to live here and fish with wonderful folks like you. Thank you; hope to share a day on our beautiful waters soon. Don’t forget my specialty children’s trips; just what they need for fishing fun. Captain Van Hubbard

Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
Placida, FL 33946



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