This is prime time to Venice to Boca Grande fishing.

Boca Grande to Venice Beach fall fishing is awesome.

If you want fantastic inside or outside Gulf fishing; it’s time to go enjoy red hot action. It’s prime time because many of us are busy hunting, or tied up with football, so you can enjoy the action and avoid Spring crowds. Fish are feeding aggressively because they feel cooler Winter weather is coming soon.

Fall in Southwest Florida starts out hot and ends up moderate. By November temperatures start off comfortable; but it usually gets chilly by Thanksgiving. The first cold fronts will begin entering our region, so we do need to watch the local weather. Many fronts will stall out nearby, offering us excellent fishing opportunities. If it’s calm, fish outside; experience the magnificent mackerel migration. Multiple hookups are common here, different species on each rig is common. Spanish Mackerel are smaller, but fun on matched gear, if that’s your bag. They have a generous bag limit, so plenty of fresh fish for family dinners. Sharks of all shapes and sizes cruise along following this migration. Schools of huge redfish or even tarpon are not dependable; but do show up frequently enhancing angler’s trophy opportunities. King mackerel, the larger cousins, can be located near shore if conditions draw them in, or deeper if waters get stirred up by weather. We have already caught one king recently of about 35 pounds. You never know what to expect as your line sings out; but action abounds now.
If it’s blowing on shore, stirring up Gulf waters; just duck inside to protected areas. Northeast winds clear up near shore waters, sucking in massive schools of minnows chased by aggressive feeding fish up and down our coastline. This offers super action opportunities right off our beautiful beaches. Sharks, cobia, big redfish, and tarpon join the mackerel testing our gear. We usually encounter impressive schools of feeding fish going crazy trying to beat each other to our offerings.

We have snook, reds and trout active from Charlotte Harbor throughout our back country mangroves. Bait minnows may get harder to catch, but gamefish are hungry. White bait is great if you find them; but lures will do the trick given an opportunity. Snook are headed up stream to rivers and creeks and redfish schools pushing towards the Gulf to join up with our brood stocks. We have plenty of fish the quiet conditions allow us to take advantage of Fall transition movements.

We do have some wading access areas and public piers for non-boaters. If you do own a rig it’s not hard to learn enough to enjoy productive catching here on your own if you are familiar with our fishing. I always ask at local tackle shops for help. If you can swing it we have plenty of talented, experienced local guides to help you enjoy this piece of paradise. Take the time to be sure you and your selection match up for best results. Most of us are glad to help you learn and catch fish. Reservations are good but are not required most situations now. Fishing is excellent and businesses are glad to see you during these slower times. What are you waiting for; it won’t last, pack your bags and call now. Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard

Spring time has arrived with great fishing.

Spring fishing is blossoming now around Venice and Boca Grande. Weather has been beautiful on our sunny beaches. Our Englewood Beach Gulf waters are warming up and the Mackerel migration is starting already. Minnows have been hard to find; so snook fishing will come to live when minnows appear locally, any day. My snook indicator is my jasmine bush by the front door and it is ready to bloom in the next couple of nights.
Business is great and reservations are advised I do have a few days open from the 12 – 15 and then the 25 of April; there are dates available in May and June for tarpon, C&R snook, whatever’s biting, or family fun trips.
Spanish and king mackerel are abundant, exciting, speedy fish that will help you literally understand how reels scream when they race off your line. Multiple hook up are common. Spanish run smaller and they are fun on matching lighter gear. The kings are much bigger, from 15 to even 50 pounds, and will grab your attention when they eat your baitfish; then scream off a couple hundred yards of line! Both are good eating and have liberal bag limits. Bring a cooler to carry fish home, or grill some for lunch at our Stump Pass Grille.
Speckled trout have provided most of our action on the windy days. It is nice to get outside into the near shore Gulf when conditions allow, but the protected waters allow us to get out even if it blows.
Tarpon have already teased us and will come on strong very soon. We can anticipate some good catch and release snook action this Summer. With minnows scarce so far fish should be hot when they show up.
Let’s go fishin’ soon. Captain Van Hubbard

Revised Fishing Focus for 2016

My revised website… you will notice many changes and adjustments.

My direction is to focus on Family Fun Fishing from Boca Grande to Venice Florida inside and near shore fishing.

I’m excited about the new opportunities the larger 25 feet rig offers with Spanish and king mackerel, and all the migratory friends that accompany them. This is exciting action packed fishing with liberal bag limits for take home fish.

  • I still do Tarpon and snook fishing but just full-day trips for 6-8 hours and new rate is $850 but can now carry up to six passengers max, still two fishing at a time. We can start at dawn and pursue fish near and far. May and June are prime times for sight fishing either tarpon or trophy snook. Both are catch and release!

Our fishing has improved dramatically since the weather warmed up and will just get better as we enter Spring. Spring Break, Family Fun Trips are already booking up so please don’t drag your feet for best selections. I can usually help locate another qualified captain if I’m booked.

Thank you for your business and friendship for almost 40 years, May of 1976 I became a Captain.
Remember that, “you can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishin”

Let’s go fishin’ soon!
Captain Van Hubbard

2015 was awesome; but it’s 2016 Happy New Year.

We have enjoyed the best year and it ended with unbelievable weather. Record high temps in the mid eighties for the last week. it’s due to change tomorrow and I’m ready for a few days off after a busy holiday run.  The wind is supposed to chill us down into the frigid sixties for our lows. We are bad spoiled.

Snook, trout, and a few redfish, blessed our Christmas catches. We ended the year of 2015 with a fat pompano today.  I had the pleasure of sharing most days with families showing them our local area and all it’s water wonders. Snapper have been  biting outside when winds allow us out. I’m looking forward to good action when it calms down.

Thank everyone for your support and encouragement. Management and conservation are challenges we have to stay involved with if we expect to have an active voice. Get involved from the beginning or it’s not effective.

It’s time to lock in Spring break and Summer tarpon dates. Reservations are first come first served and dates are already booking. Enjoy and be safe. It’s paradise fishing from Boca Grande to Venice Beaches. You can’t catch fish if you don’t go fishin’! Happy New Year. Captain Van

Merry Christmas, enjoy fun family fishing.


We have enjoyed a wonderful year. Fishing, weather, and business are great. Our area is experiencing record visitors and they are enjoying our waters and hospitality. Many of my clients are becoming friends and we have fun catching what ever fish are biting.

We had a good tarpon season. The aggressive tournament mess is history; also they folded their law suit when it came time to face the judge. Our tarpon fishing future is bright and most are figuring out happy fish feed and scared fish are not going to play with us.

Snook are plentiful even though most were smaller last year. The future is bright. we still enjoyed great action this past week. We had twenty fish per day two days last week.

My emphasis on family fun fishing is working great. It is much easier to target whatever is around than target a specific species most of the time. We do have opportunities to pick our target and enjoy good action; just not all the time. Ask about specific species but settle for the best action.

I want to thank everyone for your support  and looking forward to seeing everyone this year. Please find time to share with family and friends; it’s important. Merry Christmas. Van

Captain Van Hubbard

P.O. Box 146
Placida, FL 33946



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